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Lead Brokerage
We are a small brokerage firm. At Lead South we maintain a very small overhead and operating cost and push our top price on to you. We always offer prompt pick up, payment and proficiency. If we book a load with you, we'll have a pick up scheduled with-in 24 hours. We buy only full loads of automotive and steel case batteries. 42,000 lb. minimum load, stacked on pallet with cardboard between each layer, steel banded for steel cased and shrink wrapped for automotive. We charge 50 lb. per pallet on each load. The pallet deduction is included in total Bill Of Laden. We handle the shipping, you supply the batteries. If you book a load with us, we can guarantee our quoted price for the next 10 business days. We can book loads up to 10 days out. We buy lead for One of the world's biggest battery producers. From the time we book your load, they generate a purchase order. We handle all logistics and fall Under the E.P.A. number of our consumer. Their trucks pick up your batteries and provide an E.P.A. number for every order.
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